Resources for CF professionals

We provide a number of different resources, programmes and awards to help support CF professionals to provide the best care possible to people with cystic fibrosis (CF) and their families

Consensus documents 

To ensure that they receive the best possible treatment, we have developed Standards of Care in the form of consensus documents covering aspects of CF care such as nursing, physiotherapy, antibiotics and CF-related diabetes.

Lay summaries

Read our simple summaries and full service specifications of our lay introductions to cystic fibrosis services.

Peer reviews

Our Peer Review programme regularly reviews CF centres against our standards of care, facilitating improvements in the care provided. The UK CF Registry, an anonymised database of patient information assists with monitoring this care.


We're exploring how technology could simplify communication, streamline care, and give people with cystic fibrosis greater control over their health. Find out more about SmartCareCF and our paediatric study for the project, CLIMB-CF.

Supporting clinicians

Find out how we support clinicians through our Clinical Training Fellowship and Physiotherapy Fellowship programmes, and the Gilead UK and Ireland Fellowship Programme in respiratory care.

Clinical Excellence and Innovation Awards

We award Clinical Excellence and Innovation Awards to UK CF centres ranging from £15,000 up to £75,000, to be met by matched funds from an alternative source. Find out more about the awards and what projects we've funded in the past.

The UK CF Medical Association

The UK Cystic Fibrosis Medical Association (UKCFMA) represents doctors in the UK who deliver clinical care to people with cystic fibrosis. They work to ensure optimum care and improved outcomes for people with the condition. Find out more about the UKCFMA and the work they do.

Reading material

We have plenty of publications about living with cystic fibrosis, from factsheets by clinicians to our bi-annual 'is' magazine, featuring real-life stories.


We want to work with people with cystic fibrosis and clinical teams to evaluate the technology that could streamline care and management and give people information about their health.

UK CF Registry

The Registry is an anonymised database of people with CF in the UK - a powerful tool for monitoring and auditing the care that people receive.

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