Cystic fibrosis and transition

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Your transition

Find out about the move from paediatric to adult care and what it could mean for you and your family. Transition is personal. We want you to feel listened to and empowered, whatever shape it takes!

What is transition of care?

If you’re reading this, the chances are you’ve heard the word ‘transition’ a lot lately. It’s the medical term for moving from paediatric to adult care.

How the subject of transition comes up is different from person to person. You might get a letter from your clinic telling you that your transition is going to start soon, you might have been unwell and needed specialised care from an adult clinic, or you might not be ready to transition but want to know more.

How you feel about moving to adult CF care is personal, and can be affected by loads of things. For example, how independent you are with your treatments or how close you are to your current CF team. Whether you feel anxious, laid-back or somewhere in between, no one knows your condition better than you. By taking an active role in your transition you can make sure your CF team knows what works for you.

Young people with CF who have transitioned to adult care helped to develop resources to support other young people and their parents through transition. We hope they’ll give you some tools to make the most of your transition of care. With preparation it can be an exciting opportunity to gain more independence and take control of your changing CF care.

Resources for young people

Find out how you can get the best care possible, take charge, have a plan and make sure your transition works around you. Download our transition resources, which include:

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Resources for parents

Growing up is all about change. Some changes are small, like letting your child go to school on their own for the first time. Others are bigger, like seeing them off to university or their first job. When a child with CF is growing up, there are other changes to consider too. One of the biggest changes is the transition from paediatric to adult care.

To support you through this process, we’ve worked with parents of young people who are going through transition or who have been through the process to develop a booklet for parents and carers.

Download the pack

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Tips and ideas

Young people with CF and CF team members share their tips for a smooth transition.

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Questions to ask

Some suggested questions to ask your paediatric team and your new adult CF team.

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