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Our twice-yearly magazine full of news and features about life with cystic fibrosis has had a makeover. Welcome to 'CF Life' magazine!

What is CF Life?

In April 2016 we sent a survey out to find out what you wanted to see in your magazine. We renamed it based on your suggestions, and we think CF Life captures the aspirations of both the community and the Trust - as well as that of our flagship magazine!

In CF Life you can find everything from updates on our Stopping the Clock campaign to inspirational stories from the community. We'll keep you in the know about our ground-breaking Strategic Research Centres (SRCs) and make sure you hear from the people working on the project's we're funding about how their work is making a difference. You'll even be able to see how our community is getting creative in our 'Coughy Break' section (named by you!). There really is something for everyone in CF Life. Why not take a look?

CF Life - Autumn 2017

Here is the third issue of CF Life magazine, (PDF, 4.93MB). We're celebrating the 10th anniversary of the heelprick test for cystic fibrosis and the UK CF Registry, chatting with our Youth Advisory Group and looking at a novel way the Royal Brompton Hospital are banding together to battle cross-infection.

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Current and past issues

Read features on inconclusive diagnosis, the importance of Registry data and end of life planning, and hear from a meditation expert on how you can use the practice to help your health and wellbeing. 

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Read the first issue of CF Life magazine, which includes great features on personalised healthcare, Nick Talbot's epic challenge, and top fundraising tips!

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