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CF Life – Spring 2024

In this issue of CF Life, we’re really excited to share our interview with the founder of Vertex Save Us, Gayle Pledger, where we speak to her about her journey as a CF parent and how she became involved with the campaign for global access to Kaftrio. Elsewhere in this issue, we speak to a CF psychologist to learn more about how to support young people with CF who are transitioning from paediatric to adult care. We also take a closer look at the CF community to discover the wide range of jobs and careers people with find themselves in. Plus, we take a break with stand-up comedian Yvonne Hughes, who has CF, to hear about her journey into comedy and her time performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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Past issues

  • Autumn 2023

    In this issue of CF Life, we’re excited to share our brand new genetic therapy resources, explaining what they are and how they may be used to treat CF. Following the launch of our latest awareness campaign, ‘You don’t see CF’, we speak to our amazing supporter Kieron about his involvement in the campaign. Plus, we talk with CF paediatrician Dr Maya Desai to learn about the importance of diversity in clinical trials. 

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  • Spring 2023

    In this issue of CF Life, we’re really excited to reveal the top 10 refreshed priorities for CF research, as chosen by you, and how we plan to work with the CF community to act on them. We also explore the increasing number of people with CF becoming parents – as revealed in our recent CF Registry Report – and hear about a first of its kind antenatal clinic set up at the Brompton to support people with CF on their pregnancy journey. Elsewhere in this edition, you can read a moving interview with former Made in Chelsea star James Dunmore, who talks candidly about losing his two sisters to CF and fundraising in their memory.

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  • Autumn 2022

    In this issue of CF Life we spotlight our Clinical Trials Accelerator Platform (CTAP) and the opportunities it presents for people with CF to access the newest treatments being developed. We also give you a behind the scenes look at the making of our new children’s animation and chat to some of the amazing young people with CF who have helped to co-produce it. Following the launch of our Cost of CF report, which painted a shocking picture of the financial burden many in the community are facing, Sangeeta and Nicky from our Welfare Team provide some practical tips to help people with CF in these challenging times. And we’re pleased to introduce our new feature, ‘What’s on your mind?’ in which Matthew from our Helpline Team will be answering some of your pressing questions about CF. You can also read about Jordy’s amazing career as a drag star; meet Lucy, the host of our new podcast CForYourself; and hear from some of our brilliant Team CF London Marathon runners about their reasons for supporting the Trust. 

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  • Spring 2022

    In this issue of CF Life we look at how poverty and social deprivation can impact the CF community, and share some of the important work the Trust is doing to level the playing field and address the health inequalities many people are facing. You can also read about how Shad juggles cystic fibrosis with his responsibility as a carer to his mum, Poppy’s amazing journey from receiving a double lung transplant to hosting her first solo art exhibition, and how members of our Youth Advisory Group were inspired to make exercise fun for young people with CF. Plus lots more.

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  • Autumn 2021

    We look at how the Trust collaborates with a variety of groups to achieve the greatest impact for those with CF. We also look at research studies that will assist with the better understanding and prevention of any age-related CF complications that people may develop and more.

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  • Spring 2021

    We answer some of your burning questions about gene editing, discover more about how mucus works to keep the lungs healthy, and get some exercise tips from a yoga teacher. 

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  • Autumn 2020

    Get up to date on to progress being made by our UK CF Innovation Hub, which is working on projects to improve lung health for people with cystic fibrosis.

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  • Spring 2020

    Hear about one young man and his mum's fight to get the benefits they deserved. 

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  • Autumn 2019

    Find out how a Trust-funded grant helped Colin to develop his business and unravel the secrets behind DNA.

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  • Spring 2019

    Hear about the 30th anniversary of the CF gene and mental health and cystic fibrosis. 

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  • Autumn 2018

    Find out more about the precision medicines pipeline and meet the man who started his own zero-waste shop.

    Download (3MB)

  • Spring 2018

    A mountaineering dog and a whittler carving out a future for her granddaughter.

    Download (3.4MB)

  • Autumn 2017

    Artist Kate tells us about her latest cross-infection project and we look back on ten years of the heel-prick test.

    Download (3.6MB)

  • Spring 2017

    Read about inconclusive diagnosis, the importance of Registry data and end of life planning. 

    Download (4.9MB)

  • Autumn 2016

    The first issue of CF Life magazine, includes personalised healthcare and Nick Talbot's epic challenge.

    Download (5MB)

  • Autumn 2015

    The fifth issue of 'is' includes a cover story with Nathan Charles and a feature on genetic therapies.

    Download (3.2MB)

  • Spring 2015

    The fourth issue of 'is' features SmartCare and the impact of cystic fibrosis on sex and relationships.

    Download 4.5MB

  • Summer 2014

    The third issue of 'is' features the Breath Cycle project, the SRC programme and why genotyping matters.

    Download (2.3MB)

  • Winter 2013/14

    The second issue of 'is' magazine features new ways of tackling adherence, and a focus on clinical trials.

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  • Summer 2013

    The first issue of 'is' magazine, including a cover feature with Rob Law and news of the charity's rebrand.

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