Staying active

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Staying active

Activity Unlimited is the Trust's programme to help everyone with cystic fibrosis (CF) to stay active and take control of their physical health and wellbeing.

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Why is exercise important for people with CF? 

Exercise is particularly important for people with CF because it can help clear mucus from the lungs, improve physical bulk and strength and help improve overall health. 

Why is exercise particularly important for children with CF? 

Children with CF should be encouraged to take part in as much physical activity as possible, ideally types of exercise that leave you out of breath, such as running, swimming, football or tennis, although there are a wide range of suitable activities. It is important to let teachers at school know that exercise should be encouraged, as they may not know if it’s good or bad for someone with cystic fibrosis.

Why is stretching an important physical activity for people with CF?

Maintaining flexibility, particularly around the ribs and shoulders, is also important. Older children and adults may need to do stretching exercises to preserve full movement in the joints and muscles around these areas. Younger children can do the same by taking part in games or activities that involve moving and stretching the trunk and arms.

Your hospital physiotherapist can advise on the right exercises and activities for you or your child.

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