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Will you help give the CF community the biggest gift of all?

A small gift from you could lead to the biggest gift of all – lives unlimited by CF

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Past research, funded by our incredible supporters, has transformed the lives for many in our community. We’ve made some incredible progress. But we still have so much to do.

Will you join us this festive season to help fund more CF research and help change more lives?


Last year, you told us your CF research priorities. Your priorities help us decide what research we fund and ultimately drive us towards new discoveries and treatments that matter most to people with CF and their families.

The research community has been inspired by the priorities you and the CF community have identified, and because of this we've received more exciting proposals than ever before. We need your help to be able to fund as many of these incredible research projects as we can.

The smallest gift from you could be the biggest gift to babies with CF, like Baker.

Read Caroline and Baker's story

We hope that Baker’s happy and healthy and does whatever he dreams of. With modern technology progressing in leaps and bounds, you never know what’s around the corner. A life unlimited for us would be waking up without worry.

Caroline, mum to Baker, who has CF

Let’s give the biggest gift to people with CF this festive season and help us make sure the future is one where no life is limited by cystic fibrosis.

There are lots of ways you can support us this festive season: donate, play our Christmas raffle, do some festive fundraising with your friends and family, or buy your Christmas cards from our online shop.

Festive fundraising for all!

Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Diwali or Hanukkah, or just want to brighten up the dark winter months, we have something for everyone in our Festive Fundraising Activity book. 

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Carols by Candlelight

Carols by Candlelight will be returning on 14 December 2023. Tickets are now available.

Share a Christmas Dedication

Remember and celebrate your loved one this Christmas by sharing a memory and giving a donation to help those affected by cystic fibrosis.

Winter Wander

What better way to walk off the turkey and pudding than rounding up your family, friends or furry companions for a Boxing Day wander—while raising money for a life unlimited?

We are different but united. Each of us has our own story to tell. 

  • Caroline and Baker's story

    "I’m Jewish, my parents are Jewish, and my brother’s actually a Rabbi in New York. With Hanukkah, you have the menorah, which is the candles, and 20 years ago, my mother petitioned for a menorah to be outside the Cliffs Pavilion Theatre in Southend, where we lived at the time! If it wasn’t for my mum, it wouldn’t be there.

    "Baker wasn’t old enough to appreciate Hanukkah last year, but now he’s a little older we’ll be taking him to the menorah lighting in Southend because it's so close to my family, and it’s very special to us. We probably won’t do the eight nights of Hanukkah, but we’ll do one night and have a little present."

    Read Caroline and Baker's story

  • Zoe and Oliver's story

    "Our hope for Oliver’s future is that he is able to have all the opportunities he wants in life. We want him to live life to the fullest and really treasure every breath while keeping healthy and active."

    Read Zoe and Oliver's story

  • Morag and Jacob's story

    "It's an exciting time for advancements in CF with all these new amazing medications and the continuous research efforts, so it's made me very hopeful for a cure for cystic fibrosis.

    "I hope Jacob has a bright, long, fulfilled life and will outlive us."

    Read Morag and Jacob's story

  • Swapnali and Aslesha's story

    "We celebrate Diwali with a lot of love. We burn diyas (oil lamps), make rangolis (colourful drawings), and wear new clothes over the three to four days that the festival lasts. We do a puja, which is a prayer ceremony, for Goddess Laxmi, which happens in the evening. We also decorate our entire house with lights and diyas!

    "Usually, my Mum and Dad and some relatives visit us for Diwali. They’re all aware of Aslesha’s CF, so if anyone is unwell, they know not to come over."

    Read Swapnali and Aslesha's story

  • Diwali at the Trust

    As millions of people all over the world celebrate Diwali, some of our staff share how they are celebrating Diwali this year.

    Read our story 

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Give the biggest gift this Christmas

Will you join us this festive season to help fund more CF research and help change more lives?

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