What the CF?

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CF Week returns with a focus on research and what it means for us all.

Building on the launch of Life Unlimited, all this week we are putting science under the microscope, sifting through the complex terms (not helped, for many of us, by distant memories of baffling school lessons), to find out what it’s all about, to ask simply, “Research – what the CF?”  

For those of you who are new to CF Week, it’s our annual awareness week, where we shine a spotlight on some of the key issues in cystic fibrosis today.

Research is our biggest single area of investment. Don’t worry; we are still committed to driving up standards of care, offering information and support for all, and campaigning hard on the issues that matter. But thanks to your fundraising and donations, we're investing millions in cutting-edge research into treating and beating cystic fibrosis.

Every little helps

It’s not like you see in the movies – achieving a ‘life unlimited’ by cystic fibrosis probably won’t happen in one ‘Eureka’ moment, and it probably (sadly) won’t be illuminated by flashes of lightning and backed by dramatic thunder. The fight against cystic fibrosis is every piece of research ever done in the field, all coming together to increase our understanding and bring us closer to the day when we can truly say we have beaten cystic fibrosis for good. 

That is why, with your support, we are investing in a wide range of research, big and small, to make a difference for our community today, and shape a brighter tomorrow.

Keep your eyes peeled this week as we look back at the research that has gone before, reveal the progress of the projects we are funding right now, and look ahead with some exciting new announcements.

You don’t have to work in a lab to change the world

Without your support, none of the research projects you’ll read about this week, the breakthroughs that have helped raise the life expectancy and quality for people with cystic fibrosis over the past 50 years, would have been possible. 

This week is all about the impact you have had, and the difference you can make. Whether you give your time, your money or your voice, we are truly grateful – please read more about CF Week, and how you can help us fight for a life unlimited.


There are loads of fundraising events and other ways to get involved for people of all ages and abilities. Find out how you can get involved today.


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